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This incredibly small site called for a colourful and vibrant response. Drawing on the rich heritage of Faience facades in the area and referencing the vaulted arch structures of the adjacent District, Seaforth Places marks its position in the city whilst referencing the past.

DMBA-5 Seaforth Place

Set within a tight area in close proximity to a list building the site seemed almost undevelopable. The proposal draws upon the existing materials of the listed building to insert a pared back modernist addition, unlocking the sites potential and funding the listed buildings sensitive restoration.

When confronted with such an outstanding heritage building the only appropriate response was for the proposal to sit humbly in the shadows, to allow the period building to take center stage.

Extensive local consultation and multiple workshops have allowed local residents to shape and form the proposal, ensuring the full backing of the local community and protection of an important local landmark.

DMBA-5 Seaforth Place
DMBA-5 Seaforth Place

Seaforth Place will transform a neglected pocket of Victoria into a creative workspace. In addition, the development will also landscape the exposed lid of the district line, creating London’s first tube line pocket park. Described by a Westminster Ward Councillor as ‘A piece of public art’ we could not be more thrilled with the result.

We always love talking about architecture and what makes it great.

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