120 Moorgate

120 Moorgate

with Darling Associates

A testament to architectural evolution, 120 Moorgate stands as a beacon of innovation, honouring the pioneering spirit that defined Richard Seifert's trailblazing era.




City of London






12400 sqm



In this bustling corner of The City, flanked by a Grade 1 listed Lutchens building, 120 Moorgate bears the unmistakable imprint of Richard Seifert—an architect celebrated for his iconic London office buildings with V leg pilotis and textured concrete bands, emblematic of mid-20th-century ingenuity.



with Darling Associates

The design narrative of 120 Moorgate evolved from collaboration with Ben Ealy, Head of Design for The City of London. It is the product of a vision shared between architect and client that unfolded around a sketch table. Seifert’s over-engineered frame, with unutilised dead loads, becomes the canvas for additional floors. As we reimagined and reclad, the building becomes an exemplar for revitalising mid-century structures in the heart of The City of London. The iconic piloti, now enclosed, preserves Seifert’s legacy within a contemporary architectural language.

120 Moorgate represents the fusion of preservation and progression. The decision to remove the frame opened possibilities for additional floors within the existing structural envelope. This innovative approach maximises space while retaining embodied concrete and carbon, a sustainable homage to the building’s heritage. The craft narrative reflects a thoughtful intersection of past and future, solidifying 120 Moorgate’s position as a symbol of architectural adaptability and sustainability.