Lollard Street

Lollard Street

with Darling Associates

A testament to what can be achieved in a collaboration of developer and local authority, Lollard Street affordable housing is a beacon of community-centric development rising behind the iconic London Eye.


Braeburn Estates (Canary Wharf Group and Qatari Diar)




Residential - Affordable




89 Units


Transport & Highways Consultant
Structural Engineer
Engineer & Sustainability Consultant

Situated in North Lambeth, this project redefines the narrative of council housing, presenting a 16-story tower, a new nursery, and family houses carefully nestled amoung existing tower blocks and replacing an obstructive car park podioum. The focus here is on community, replacing old notions of dense urban living with family houses featuring courtyards, playgrounds, and essential community facilities. The relocation of the Ofsted Outstanding status nursery, previously perched atop a car park podium, has been a particular source of pride.




with Darling Associates

with Darling Associates

Fulfilling a promise made during a site walk with Case and Design Officers, this council housing surpassed the surrounding private developments in quality. It stands as a pinnacle of proper, affordable housing – a collaboration between public and private entities. The design echoes a commitment to excellence, with meticulous attention paid to community consultation, ensuring the voice of the residents is integral to the project’s development.

Navigating the intricate path of local authority requirements and working closely with registered landlords, we bring a wealth of expertise to meet design criteria and community expectations. Community consultation is not just a step in the process; it is woven into our ethos. Whether working with local authorities or directly with Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), our proficiency in designing and building housing ensures a seamless journey towards creating sustainable, well-received community hubs and homes.